We're always looking for more great people to join our team. Join us in our Seattle office or work remotely from wherever you are in the world. You'll work with a diverse group of bright and passionate folks committed to fostering internet freedom worldwide.

Текущие вакансии

At the moment, we don't have any official open positions. Please check back soon, though!

Вакансии в прошлом

  • Backend Engineer for OONI
  • Browser Developer
  • Developer Data Architect
  • Senior System Administrator

Можете помочь нам в той роли, которая тут не упомянута? Нам помогает большое сообщество волонтеров. Некоторые из них со временем переходят на оплачиваемую работу. We invite you to join us on IRC to find how you can get involved.